Acu-Quit 5 step Detox Acupuncture Therapy

Auricular Acupuncture is widely used to treat a variety of conditions, one of the most commonly known being for the treatment of smoking cessation. It is considered to be the standard acupuncture treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

Auricular Acupuncture derives from acupuncture, which is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and has been practiced since at least 500B.C. It is considered to be a specialised complementary therapy where acupuncture points on the outer ear are treated with a technique to encourage detoxification, relieve discomfort or for therapeutic reasons by inserting and manipulating either fine needles, acupunctoscopes (electrical location and stimulation machines), magnets or pellets into specific points.

Acu-Quit 5 step Detox auricular acupuncture protocol is a comprehensive therapy incorporating basic homeopathy and hypnotherapy,which may help the body to eliminate toxins faster, it is a relaxing therapy which is useful when quitting smoking.

In recent years auricular acupuncture has gained in popularity as a complete detoxification programme, helping many people to Quit Smoking by inserting 5 fine needles or using an acupunctoscope into five auricular acupuncture points that allow the body to detox. Each of these five points have a different reaction on the mind and body allowing the energy (Qi) to flow around the body, with the aim of restoring balance (Yin and Yang).

If you imagine that the ears are like a switchboard that is connected to the brain and have many acupuncture points located on them that when treated with either fine needles or an acupunctoscope, electrical impulses are sent to the brain, which then processes these impulses and transmits them to the targeted anatomical area, this sophisticated mechanism aids the body’s natural healing process in many ways.

Acu-Quit Plan 1;

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