Hypnotic Virtual Gastric Band

Initial Free Consultation

During this FREE Initial consultation I shall take the relevant information required to establish your medical profile and to learn about your general well being. We will discuss your present eating routine and your weight history.
I shall explain the Virtual Hypnotic Gastric Band procedure in full and discuss the aftercare policy and the maintenance programme.

You will be advised of the major lifestyle and dietary changes that you will face after the Virtual Hypnotic Gastric Band has been “implanted” in your mind. I will also discuss any possible emotional or physical challanges that you may encounter. Any questions or concerns that you may have will be fully addressed before we commence with the programme.

The procedure is available for both men and women and you do not have to be morbidly obese to qualify for the programme. Only those that I feel will be able to cope with the hypnotherapy techniques and be able to follow the aftercare guidelines will be admitted to the programme and you will be advised at the end of the consultation if you have been accepted.

The Programme is aimed at convincing your subconscious that you have had a “Virtual” Gastric Band fitted, with the benefit of not having to undergo real surgery.

The intention of the Virtual Gastric Band procedure is to give you the feeling of a full stomach when you have consumed the equivalent of about a mug full of nutrient dense food, therefore it is very important that you eat a healthy, varied and balanced diet – your meals will be small so every mouthful counts.

Depending on your lifestyle you can choose to have your meals spread out over 3 or 4 times per day, we will discuss these options during the Initial consultation appointment.
Once the session begins I will help you to eliminate any blocks that may have held you back or hindered your progress of weight loss in the past using WILL-STOP hypnotherapy™ and an individual programme designed for your needs based on the information you will have given me during the initial consultation.

The Cressingham Virtual Hypnotic Gastric Band™ is usually completed in one day (excluding the Initial consultation). However, it is possible to alter the format to suit individual needs by being completed over 2 or 3 hypnosis sessions instead, at the same cost as being completed in one day.

The Cressingham System Virtual Hypnotic Gastric Band™ process offers 2 programme options.

Choose which option below is most appropriately suitable for you.

(Option 1) Standard Price £395.00


(Option 2) “Opt-outs” £295.00

Option 2 is available if you prefer to opt out of the follow-up telephone sessions and the final adjustment

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No method of weight loss/control will work unless You really want it to. Commitment and some will-power may be needed, along with being prepared to adjust your lifestyle, change bad eating habits and keep control of calories taken.

Hypnotherapy is a complimentary therapy – it is not an alternative to mainstream medical advice. If you are catagorised as obese you should always seek advice from your GP/Consultant before taking part in any weight loss program.

*Terms and Conditions
Lorraine Squires charges for her time only – not the therapy that occurs during that time. Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy are natural processes and the effects may vary from person to person, the effects of the Cressingham “Virtual” Hypnotic Gastric Band ™ may occur only if you allow yourself to accept the hypnotic suggestions fully and follow the after-care policy correctly. As such some people may find it highly effective and others may find only a slight improvement to their condition. Therefore no warranty is given to the effects or success* of the “Virtual” Hypnotic Gastric Band and refunds are not issued as you are paying for Lorraine Squires time only and you will have had this. You accept these terms and conditions in full when you book and undertake the “Virtual” Gastric Band Procedure.